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For over one hundred years, Camp Walden has nurtured the community and fostered leadership skills among girls at their beautiful location in Denmark, Maine. In crafting the new Camp Walden website, our primary focus was on the vibrant and dynamic community that defines the essence of the camp. This includes campers, alumni, counselors, and administrators who come together each summer to create the joyful atmosphere that characterizes Camp Walden. Bright and colorful photography, and some dynamic video bring each page of this modern, confident, but comfortable and easy to consume website to life. It also features an intuitive two-tiered navigation which provides a clear visual hierarchy and easy access to the variety of information available on the site.

Highlights: Fully-responsive, mobile-friendly website design and development, full-screen web design, interactive slideshows, dynamic carousels, parallax scrolling. This cutting-edge website also features secure contact, and application online forms for getting in touch.


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