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Sugar Skulls for Halloween?

Authentic Sugar Skulls


Skull Girl Illustration by Etsy Artist Julie Filipenko

By: Julie Filipenko

Sugar skulls are a popular choice for adult face paint this Halloween. And why not? You can wear whatever you like and just dress up your face!

Although popular for Halloween, sugar skull designs originate from a candy created for the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, a day for remembering the deceased. The skulls are often decorated with lines of vegetable dye and the names of living people are sometimes written on the forehead. They are usually given as gifts.

We love the look for Halloween, so we gathered some of our favorites for your sugar skull design inspiration.

SlickFish's favorite Sugar Skull Designs

SlickFish’s favorite Sugar Skull Designs

1) – great tutorial video
2) – make it a couple thing
3) – sugar skull meets cheerleader?
4) – well done with minimal colors
5) – top hat finishes this look off nicely
6) – love the dramatic half-skull face and huge flowers
7) – great pompadour
8) – cool alternate to the white face

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