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Negative Space is a Positive!

We love to create logos. For many graphic designers, it’s one of our favorite assignments. In the first stages of designing an identity, we start with an old fashioned pencil. We sketch variations of letterforms and symbols: discovering, building, simplifying. The sketch process explores the possibilities of type and style while aiming to uncover shape relationships and interlocking mechanisms.

…And, once in a while, if we are lucky, a play on negative space will emerge… the ultimate in logo creation.


The original SlickFish Studios logo

Recently, we launched our new website. And whether you noticed or not, we also unveiled an updated SlickFish Studios logo. We tweaked the fish shapes ever so slightly—teeth, jaw, fin, esca (the lantern that protrudes above her head)—and altered the type treatment. Colors and lines were cleaned up and modernized. After letting it sit and looking with fresh eyes, we were psyched to discover an opportunity for some small negative-space play. Check it out… if you look at our beloved slickfish, her bottom fins and jaw also makes 3 waves. It’s subtle, adds movement, and it’s fun to look at. We hope to design some SlickFish swag soon – be sure to follow us on Facebook to see when available!


One variation of the updated SlickFish Studios logo!

Here are some other logos playing with negative space that we enjoy.
Scroll down to view their sources.


Left to right, top to bottom:

1: Bird Home Press logo
2: 763 logo
3: Wineforest logo
4: Mouse Universe logo
5: 2010 Vancouver Dog Show logo
6: Oak Bros. logo
7: HG Monogram logo
8: Martini House logo
9: Moby Dick logo
10: Yoga Australia logo

SlickFish Studios is a small, creative website design and development company located down by the water in the historic Old Port of Portland, Maine. SlickFish specializes in inspired custom websites, animation & logo design. For more stuff like this check out our blog. If you'd like to see some of our professional work please visit our portfolio. Also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and let's connect on LinkedIn.