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Instagram: who is worth following?

Okay, who needs a break from all the predictable Instagram photos? Too many duckface selfies drinking  #myfirstpumpkinlattethisfall?

Let us help.

Here’s 9 instagrammers worth your time… they’re innovative, creative, and humorous while also often posting those simple, beautiful photos we love Instagram for. Start following them to help break up the #mykidsleepingnumber852 shots (links below the pics).

Instagram @sgoralnickInstagram @makharovInstagram @miserable-menInstagram @maechevretteInstagram @yoyoInstagram @thuglifeInstagram @cleanmamaInstagram @heyspInstagram @croyable

: Beautiful shots of Brooklyn. You guys might remember her from this previous post.
makhorov: As if Batman had an Instagram account.
miserable_men: We’ve all seen it. The men that are left behind, on the mall bench. Good for a chuckle.
maechevrette: Beautiful work and equally beautiful behind the scenes shots of her process and inspiration.
yoyoha: Drawings and messages on coffee cups. What’s not to like?
thuglifeforevs: There is just something beautiful about her photography. Color, composition, art of arrangement…
cleanmama:  Clutter makes you crabby? Let Mama’s insta-feed help with her daily reminder posts and tips.
heysp: San Francisco based Photographer who likes to take pics and make things. Hey! We do too!
croyable: These posts will make you feel like you have a cousin in Holland. A really-amazing-photographer-cousin.

Oh… and um, most positively, definitely and of course, you should follow us! No duck-faces here. Promise.
Instagram to follow: @theslickfish

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