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  • A Design by SlickFish Studios
  • A Maine Website Design by SlickFish Studios
  • MEMIC Annual Report 2013: An interactive Website by SlickFish Studios
  • The 2013 Annual Report for MEMIC by SlickFish Studios
  • The 3rd annual report SlickFish created for MEMIC
  • MEMIC's Interactive, Online Annual Report by A Maine Website Company called SlickFish
  • MEMIC's 2013 Annual Report by SlickFish

This is our 3rd custom and interactive, MEMIC annual report for this Maine-based, workers’ compensation insurance company. The “2013” MEMIC Annual Report edition website features a story on Allagash Brewing through multi-directional sliding content, engaging slideshows made of clever static slide animations (much like stop motion) using great photography!

HIGHLIGHTS: Universal HTML5/CSS3 website with interactivity that would normally be reserved for the dated, SEO not friendly (but SlickFish beloved) Flash medium.


Also: Additional reports include 2014 Annual Report, 2012 Annual Report, and 2011 Annual Report