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iPhone 6 Wardrobe Adjustments

You may have seen this video or heard the back and forth chatter (#bendgate) on the internet about the iPhone 6’s girth causing problems. People who wear their phone in their pants pockets (mostly men, although some women too) are claiming the phone is bending. Others respond by saying it’s time to put the hipster tight-fitted pants away for good. While these problems are the type anyone should be happy to have, it appears clothing companies have been paying attention and some plan to make some adjustments in upcoming lines. If you’re concerned about your tight pants, or don’t know where to put your new iPhone, read on… 

There is talk of larger pockets in pants and shorts, as well as the prediction that good ol’ Cargo pants will become popular again. Do I see a resurgence of the “grunge” era? I can imagine how men’s traditional fit pant designs could find the room to enlarge pockets… but the fitted ones? And women’s? I think the scale may tip a little too much to the function side and lose some of the fashion. Regardless, I love a good designer’s challenge and look forward to seeing who creates the most innovative, best-looking solution.

Tweet from Brian Hough (@bwhough).

Besides pants, I’m sure there will be some other inventive accessory created with that perfect ninja-pocket. And who can blame the designers tackling this issue? An opportunity arises any time an inventive and highly sought-after product hits the market. It reminds me of when flat-screen TVs became popular and every furniture company was designing slim tables that could serve as an alternative to hanging the new TVs on the wall. Part of me thinks Apple purposely overlooks the problems associated with the iPhone’s size so they can sit back and giggle, watching thousands of other companies scramble to be the first to design and produce accommodating products, ultimately riding Apple’s coattails and hitting their own jackpot.


iWear, by: Bill Amend


I/O Denim: Premium Jeans for the Smartphone User

I/O Denim: Premium Jeans for the Smartphone User

Or you could just support the production of your new pants…see: Kickstarter: I/O Denim


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