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Halloween Done Right

Here at Slickfish, we enjoy Halloween. Okay, we LOVE Halloween. We’re huge fans of all things creepy, so this is a no-brainer, really. And Halloween falls on a Friday this year. No excuses people, get decorating!

My wife and I host a Halloween Party every year and it is a complete house-transformation. But you won’t find an inflatable scarecrow or friendly jack-o-lantern in our yard. We don’t aim to scare kids—where’s the joy in that?—the real reward is scaring the adults. The spookier, the ghostlier, the more cringe-worthy, the better.

We couldn’t wait until October to share the ideas we have been harvesting on Pinterest. Get inspired and start thinking up ways to decorate your house! You may find the neighbors follow along and throw up some cobwebs! Or they may just steer clear of you.



From top to bottom:
Glowing home
Ding, dong: your dead
Zombie twins
Dancing ghosts
Children of the mirror
– Skull Rubble pile
Lady of the stairs
– Spider infestation
Skeleton Thieves
– Drooping spider nest
Ghost child

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