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Throwback, um, err… Friday!

Back in the hay-day (circa 2008) we created a super-fun, quirky, web-based, design project for Kelly’s whimsical business called Trove (fyi: Kelly is 1/3 of SlickFish). Complete with logo, web design, animation the whole soup-to-nuts this one was a blast.

We love the open, clean white-space, hand-drawn doo-dads, illustration and fun movement. All of it, pulls this funky little website together! Trove was a blast to create, and fun to revisit.

Is it #FBT (Friday be told), #TBF (throwback Friday) or #WebBT (web be told)? … not sure if any of these will stick… enjoy for yourself here.

trove - a funky, cool web design for the ages

click to see the functioning web design here:

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